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Memory artefact – Piece, Analysis, Evaluation & Reflection

Here is my artefact for the theme of ‘Memory’.



I based my artefact around a memory test that is a part of the World Memory Championships.  This is the ‘Speed Cards’ challenge and i made my artefact based around this. 

More of an advertisement for the test, i initially wanted to produce a ‘speed cards’ style test with a willing participant and incorporate the split screen within this having the cards on the one side of the screen and the participant on the other re-calling the cards. 

I decided to start off with this inital artefact with which i could develop it into a full finished piece. 

Evaluation & Reflection

When i was editing my piece together, i noticed how i could develop the artefact further, by firstly adding audio (I was going to use the ‘Countdown’ theme music but thought this would be too cheesy!) and also to add something else into the video, maybe some more shots of the cards being shuffled and put it all together so that it is a continuous piece instead of being in between titles.

 I do feel that i have made an artefact that can be developed further.

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