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Memory Artefact – More development

Over the weekend, i had a practise with my new camera which has High Definition to see what shots would look best in my piece.  Whilst doing this and reviewing the footage over i thought that for a starting artefact i could set up the test, as in the flashing of the cards as a starting point for which i could develop my artefact to having a participant.

This is going along the same lines as the tutorial videos for the memory tests that are on the Memory World Championship website that i looked at within my research.  This gives an overview of the test and how it is scored.


The ‘Speed Cards’ test is a mentally challenging test that has the participant memorising not one but two decks of playing cards to be recalled in the same sequence. 

So with this in mind i am going to create a starting video which will set up the challenge.

With regards to the split screen element that we have been given as an obstruction, i do not feel as if i can incorporate it within this first initial artfeact as i want to put it within the actual test video.  I feel that i would just be putting the split screen within the piece for the hell of it and i don’t want to do that!

I feel that this would give me a good starting point for which i could develop on my artefact.

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