360MC – 02/12/10


In this lecture we looked at a range if different film-makers who use a range of techniques to put the narrative across and to captivate the audience.

Jan Svankmajer – ‘Little Otik’

This very surreal stop-motion animation film is based in the Czech Republic and is based around a fairytale about a couple who can’t have a baby and the husband digs up a tree root which is in the shape of a child and quickly grows into a murderous and greedy ‘thing’. (I really would not know what to call it!)

(Picture courtesy of http://www.franksfilms.com/little-otik)

The Coen Brothers – ‘Burn After Reading’

A star-studded film line-up starring Brad Pitt, George Clooney, John Malkovich amongst others.  This film has an interesting story arch which links all the characters together with the underlying secret CIA information that is found in the locker room of a gym playing the most important role with how it all comes together and especially with the ending.

‘A Serious Man

Perhaps one of the fairly under-rated Coen Brothers film with limited release within the UK (I managed to be lucky enough to catch it at the cinema!) Based around a man who’s life seems to be going from bad to worse, the film is based around a man’s journey to try and salvage what he has.

The story arches which these films hang off are really strong with regards to how the narrative is put across to the audience.  Whether it is based around a fairytale or myth or a journey of self-discovery, great films that can use these themes within their narrative really can captivate an audience.

I am thinking of perhaps going along the same avenue of pinning my final project basing it on a fairytale.  Little Red Riding Hood perhaps…

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