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Memory Artefact – Development

Whilst deliberating my short film idea through my mind i couldn’t think of any stable narrative which i could place within my piece.

With this in mind i have decided to go with a new idea which would be more simple to achieve and have more logical meaning for the theme.

I want to produce a memory test piece that would have a  participant who would be given a deck of cards to look through and recite back what the order of the cards are.

On the surface this sounds very simple but i feel that i could make it interesting by using ‘real’ people and not creating a ficitious scenario with a script (as i am very stale with my scriptwirting – to be honest!)  And this wouldn’t be going into the avenue of being a magic trick either!

I would incorporate split-screen into my piece by having one side of the screen being the cards being seen by the tester (me!) and the other screen showing the person reciting back the cards. 

I have never used split-screen before so this will be very challenging to do and if i can produce this to even an acceptable standard, i can develop it further by using a few more people for the piece as my participants.

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