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Memory Artefact – Process (Idea)

My first initial idea for my split screen artefact for the last theme is to incorporate the effects of short term memory into a short video piece which would show two sides of ‘memory’ and ‘no memory’.  This would be very influenced by Marc Webb’s ‘(500) Days Of Summer’ with regards to the split screen scene where we see the main character being shown in an ‘Expectations’ routine and the ‘Reality’ which he is experiencing with differs greatly from his expectations.  For my piece i would try and depict a normal oridnary day which i would film twice with the character re-enacting the exact same actions but forgetting to do certain important things such as tieing his shoes (for example)

(Picture courtesy of http://500daysofsummer.tumblr.com/post/237224217/manikmakina-expectations-vs-reality-just)

I would need to create a narrative which i could put within my piece for the next stage of developing this idea which would be going along the ‘No-memory’ and ‘Memory’ split screen element i want to incorporate into the piece.

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