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Spectacle Artefact – Piece, Analysis, Evaluation & Reflection

After many complications and time clashes i have now produced my Spectacle artefact.




I based this around the idea of suicide and the private yet spectacular nature of such an event.  I was originally going to use a model with which i would place within the location but after running the idea through my head constantly, i then decided to not use a model whatsoever.  I felt that this would add an air of mystery to the pictures and get the viewer guessing as to who the person is-just going by the location and any of the signifable props that i placed within the frame.  ‘The Power of suggestion’ is how i would best describe my pictures. 

I was originally going to use a track by Mt Eden called ‘Sierra Leone’, that i thought would fit the piece perfectly but whilst editing i decided to use a track by a choir group called Scale and their cover of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’.  I felt the lyrics and feel of tone of the track fitted better with the visuals.


Ater editing my piece together i definately noticed what shots i could improve upon and what other locations i could of used for my piece.

As a first piece or draft for the theme i feel that i put the theme across in a different way to what perhaps most other people think for spectacle.  I wanted to produce a piece that would have an element of uneasyness and leaving the viewer guessing to who the subject – invisible within the picture; is and the reasoning behind it all.

In my first initial description for this.  It is a private spectacle.  Not in the way of drawing a crowd or causing disruption, but in the sense of inflicting a scenario onto yourself and the re-percussions of emotion and grief which it embeds into both family and friends.

  1. MezP
    November 24, 2010 at 10:05 pm

    Thanks for this Charlotte – I thought this was good piece – well chosen audio and a tricky subject to cover as Spectacle but I think it fits in neatly with some of the existential stuff we looked at. It might have been interesting to distress the images here and there – and give each mini-scene an overarching colour or texture – or even the whole thing – just to make it hang together better – but you’re going with your ideas and you’ve created a powerful narrative. M

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