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Spectacle – Development

Original Spectacle Photograph Idea

One of the first points of research i blogged about undertaking for this theme was the Columbine High School shootings.  I found this to be a very poignant and interesting ‘spectacle’ to look at, with regards to it being within a environment that is usually seen and thought to be safe and where a spectacle such as the shootings wouldn’t of been thought of to ever happen within this environment.

Most of the imagery from this is CCTV footage that really captures what horrific actions happening with the school.

Columbine shooting surveillance tape

(Picture courtesy of http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/apr/12/columbine-massacre-ten-year-anniversary)

A very recent high school massacre from 2007 is the Virginia Tech University massacre that followed along the same lines as that of Columbine.  This was set up by a student called Seung-Hui Cho who ended up killing 32 people before eventually killing himself.

(Picture courtesy of http://bentcorner.com/cho-seung-huis-favorite-news-network-is-nbc/)

The imagery that came out of this massacre was very disturbing with pictures of Cho posing with guns pointing at the camera and even sent a confessional video to NBC news on the day of the massacre.

I was contemplating going along the same lines of spectacle for my photographs in the same vein as that of Columbine and Virginia Tech.  But i feel i would run the risk of getting arrested and causing a spectacle just for the sake of a project so i am not going to run the risk!

A new idea…

For my spectacle artefact i am going to go in a different (ish) direction and do a ‘suicide spectacle’ instead.  I am yet to actaully get my pictures done due to my model being unavailable at the weekend.  With this in mind i was going to put together some archive footage of Columbine and other high school shootings to present spectacle.  I really don’t like putting together footage of something that has already been watched on Youtube so i am going to instead put some sketches together of my photographs and hopefully get them done this weekend for presentation on my blog the following week. 

I really don’t like falling behind so i am feeling really anxious and want to get my artefact done!!

My ideas for my photographs include:

  • Train tracks – The subject would be standing on train tracks in a slumped motionless manner
  • Lickey Hills – The subject would have plastic bag over his head holding a  petrol can and lighter on either side.
  • Motorway Bridge – The subject would be standing on a bridge of the motorway (to be decided!) with photographs of his hands clasped on the railings and a photo behind the subject with the traffic out of focus.
  • Car Park – Same as the motorway bridge
  • Od’ED – The subject would be slumped in a chair with tablets around the hands and someone walking through the front door switching the light on.
  • Canal – The subject would be viewed from a distance as if they were going to jump into the canal with a brick tied to their ankle.
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