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360MC – 11/11/10

The first topic brought up in this weeks lecture was with regard to the Spectacle artefacts we have to produce for the next week.  We have been given words of wisdom with regards to how to approach it such as to think of the theme in terms of scale which perhaps might be the best way around this quite difficult and wide theme.  As i have already settled on my idea i just need to kick it into gear.

The first example we were shown of how spectacle can be presented in a micro and macro style was a short film made by two designers called Charles & Ray Eames.  This was a very interesting video and quite modern for a film made in 1968, with regards to the effect being used to ultimately take you into a view of the earth from space.

Nick talked about some of the significant ‘spectacular’ events that have happened such as the 9/11 Twin Towers disaster.  This event was captured by both news media and also pedestrians with their mobile phones.  Out of the two forms of capturing this i think the footage from mobile phones is more powerful with the way you get the sense of actually being there and feeling the emotions of screaming and crying of the people who were just simply walking by in the street.

The newest spectacular event to occur just of last week was the student protests in London which was a spectacle in itself with around 50,000 students marching through the city and causing riots and breaking into Millbank Tower.  In the imagery from the event, the police look helpless and the amount of cameras from both press media, TV and the protesters themselves, gives a full view and feel into the protest itself.

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