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Spectacle Artefact – Process (Idea)

For my next artefact for the theme of ‘Spectacle’ i have had the idea of producing photographs that depict an action that will cause a spectacle.  This would be along the lines of a danger or threat being posed within a busy city centre location-thus a spectacle about to happen.

(An example of the kind of location that i would pose the photograph in)

The possible avenues i could go with this idea will be very limited as i don’t want to be arrested :/  Obviously my artefact would be dealing with a very sensitive and taboo subject that has posed a huge security risk in most major cities so i can already forsee what problems i would be facing.


(Photo courtesy of http://vocabspace.wikispaces.com/A,+An)

The threat of a  terrorist act wasn’t initally an aspect which i connected with the theme of spectacle but after this weeks lecture i have had a few days of trying to think of something to produce for my artefact and this photography based project i feel i could make very interesting, incorporating audio and music within the piece to tell the story and atmosphere for the pictures.

Whilst listening to my ipod on shuffle i had the influence for this idea whilst listening to the industrial metal band Nine Inch Nails.  The brutal experimental nature of the song ‘Mr Self Destruct’, put me along the avenue of producing a threatening terrorist style artefact.

I would perhaps produce 6 images that would depict a danger or threat that you wouldn’t fully know what the consequences would be.  The photographs of terrorist acts such as the 9/11 tragedy really put me into the mindset of how a spectacle that is posing a threat to a mass amount of people is the worst kind of spectacle possible.


(Picture courtesy of http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2007/07/new-intelligenc/)

The research i would undertake for this artefact would be into the news items surrounding various terrorist threats such as the 9/11 disaster, Columbine high school and the imagery that has stood the test of time and that tells the story of these spectacular disastorous events. 

For my idea i feel that i would be treading very very carefully with it so i am going to undertake some research into photography laws and also into images that speak of spectacle (so to speak!)

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