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…and then a production company was born!

Whilst deliberating the final major project that myself and Matt Daniels will be working together on we have came up with  the idea of creating a production company with which we shall be both work under for our final major project.  Matt was talking to me about a project which he wants to pursue for a final project so instead of just working individually on each project we shall work together on both projects.  Whether this will be taking on too much work we will find out soon enough!!

The identity which we shall be working under shall be called ‘He & She Productions’.  I feel that pursuing our projects under this title will add a bit more professionalism instead of just working under our names, which is pretty basic and very studenty (not a word!)

I have designed a logo for the production company using a drawing characteur of myself and Matt that a friend called Joe ‘Friday’ Higgins drew.  I feel that it has a bit more of a personal touch to go with the title.  This first draft is what the logo looks like at the moment and hopefully will be improved upon.

I have created a Facebook group page which i shall update with how each production project is progressing and to gain a fanbase which we can develop a following from and then hopefully get a nice good number of people to attend our own showing means the university isn’t allowing installations for the degree show (which is lame! in my mind)

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