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Power Artefact – Analysis

My new improved Power artefact.


This video represents the power of pro-creation.  The power of how life is created and then we all end up dead anyway.  Hence the jelly mix pouring over the top of the sweets.  The main influence i had for this was the ‘Meat Love’ video and also how many babies and kids i always see and how it seems like a virus with how vastly populated the world is becoming.

I decided to use a range of sweets to create this piece as i feel that it gives the message a bit of a nice and colourful twist to the theme.  In my mind i feel that i have improved alot from my last artefact and starting from scratch was a good idea.


The feedback i received from the showing of my piece infront of my seminar group was that to elevate the video piece further it needed music & sound (which i did try and look for suitable audio) and also a few people didn’t see how the piece represented the theme of power (which i can see how they wouldn’t but it’s my interpretation so sod it).

I am going to further improve my piece by adding a simple childlike music onto the piece such as a xylphone.  I feel it doesn’t need to have dramatic music as it doesn’t have any elements of drama within it anyway.

Keep posted!

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