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Power Artefact- Idea (Process & Development)

For my power artefact i first thought of creating a piece that would be looking at the caffeine/energy drink aspect of being able to regain your mental and physical energy through a drink such as Red Bull.

(Picture courtesy of http://www.wired.com/science/discoveries/magazine/15-07/st_redbull)

The stimuli for basing ‘Power’ around this was from my own personal experience of drinking quite a lot of Red Bull and the feeling of having the power to do anything (well perhaps not anything!) but gives more of a power boost with which i can focus and get tasks done.

My idea was to do a stop motion piece which would focus on one can of Red Bull and then we we would see the can crushing…this is the only form of storyboarding that i have had :/  With this in mind…


The next form of power which i am planning to create the artefact for is reproduction and the ever growing population of our planet.  This is very powerful as everyday there is someone who is giving birth to a brand new human to join our funny little planet, which they will grow with over time.  I find this very scary in some ways, as the population of the UK is ever growing and we never really bat an eyelash at how swamped the world can sometimes seem.

Bassetts Jelly Babies - 215g Bag(Picture courtesy of http://www.picknmixsweetshop.com/bassetts-jelly-babies—215g-bag-588-p.asp)

For this i would use jelly babies as the representation of human kind and follow through the process of falling in love (?) and eventually giving life to another baby.  This sounds very weird in word form but i had the vision of creating something that would be quite tongue in cheek with the element of using jelly babies but then it would have the underlying message of the power of the ever growing population-which would be signified by a then vast amount of jelly babies that have been reproduced through the first two jelly babies…im going to need a hell of a lot of jelly babies!

One of the videos which we were shown in our first official lecture that influenced me with this idea was Jan Svankmajer’s ‘Meat Love’.  This short stop motion piece is beautifully done with two pieces of steak which fall in love and then eventually get sizzled to death.

I have already started to storyboard the piece in my minds eye (it does exist!) and over this weekend i shall storyboard it onto paper and place on this blog.  I also  need to get a vast amount of jelly babies as well as a few pieces of card with which i will stage the piece.


the narrative would be based around two beings (in jelly baby form) meeting and eventually creating another being (in the form of a gummy bear) and the fast progression of the population.  As the piece needs to be at least 1 minute longish i am going to do this in stop motion form and the eventual conclusion of there being a mass amount of gummy bears that swarm the  area/frame.

The related research which i shall use to back-up creating my artefact will be human reproduction and the population (sometimes growing and sometimes not) of countries and the effect this has upon the economy (?)

I think i will enjoy creating my artefact and hopefully can refrain from eating all the jelly babies :/ (im not promising anything though!)

Procreation is the most powerful action two creatures can perform as its from this one act that their entire species exists to this day.


Over the weekend i filmed my Jelly Baby pro-creation stop motion and have a full 20 seconds to show for it!  When i was editing my artefact i decided i was not happy with my piece as i had trouble with focusing my camera which kept focusing on the white card when the jelly babies were out of the frame.  I know why this happened but it did frustrate me as my camera hasn’t failed my yet!  Also, i felt my piece (20 seconds of it anyway!) was perhaps quite a hard to follow video in terms of what message of power it is trying to get across.

I have been researching into what other forms of jelly confestonary i could use for this piece (seriously) as i have noticed how there is not much definition of a jally baby like their used to be (it sounds sad how i notice these things) and the result of this is…

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