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360MC Lecture/workshop – 21/10/10

In this weeks lecture we looked at some of the different sides to power and how it can not always mean to be a threatening violent force.  The many different aspects to the theme is what i initally struggled with during my summer research and not being able to pin down an area of ‘Power’ to develop an idea around.

A strong force of Power that we were shown included a couple of videos that showed women taking power against not being allowed to vote.  One clip in particular shows the protest at the Miss World contest of 1970 which was sending a powerful message of how women shouldn’t be used as ‘cattle’ by being in a competition such as Miss World.

 Episode image for Miss World 1970

(Picture courtesy of http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00tkpc1)

Power can stretch out into many different areas from the very simple to the very dangerous.  On the simple side of power we were shown the power of group pressure with the example being of an elevator with people who would turn different ways and the unsuspecting person who enters the elevator copying the other people.  This video is a very good example of how we always pretty much conform to society and we always follow the right or correct way of things.

(Picture courtesy of http://www.logopedics.info/images/stockp/elevator-experiment.jpeg)

On the other end of the power spectrum we were shown a shock doctrine trailer by Naomi Klein.  This very disturbingly interesting video portrays the rise of capitalism and how shock treatments are used on people within pyschiatric hospitals.  This video did go straight over my head to be honest as i don’t really look into areas such as economics or politics (?) But i did like how the video had shocking imagery to get across the message.


(Picture courtesy of http://theactivist.org/blog/%E2%80%9Cthe-shock-doctrine%E2%80%9D-overrated-like-brett-farve-antonio-negri-david-beckham-apple-pie-and-dane-cook

Overall this weeks lecture was very interesting with the different aspects that ‘Power’ can take on different situations.

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