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Intro Lecture & Seminar 15/10/10

Lecture – 15/10/10

In this first lecture for 305MC Analysing Media, we were introduced to the themes of Power, Spectacle and Memory (yet again!) which have been the catalysts for which we are basing all of our work around this term.  This is a very good way of broadening ourselves into other modules and focusing on the same themes instead of having to do 2 completely different pieces of work that have no connection.

The essay question which we have to produce a 3,000-3,5000 word essay for and which we were given to ponder over was:

 “Choose a current issue/debate/controversy & analyze how it is informed and determined by Power, Spectacle and Memory within contemporary mediated culture.”

On first impressions i honestly couldn’t understand the question but after reading the question a few more times, i managed to get a grasp of what it actually meant.  We were shown a clip from the opening ceremony of the 2008 Bejing Olympic games which pretty much encapsulated the 3 themes.

Over the following lectures we shall be looking at the different themes and looking at case studies of news and events (such as the olympics) and can start to build an essay plan which we shall receive feedback from before we have to hand in our finished essays on December 10th.


This very brief seminar in the afternoon was used to put ourselves into ‘research clusters’ with which we would work within to undertake research and do presentations for the different themes.

The first theme which we are to do a presentation for is Memory.  For this we have to create and present an object with which ‘should evoke strong memories of important times/events in our lives.  As a cluster of 5 people we only need to have one object, so firstly we each told the rest of our group what objects we have that follows this.  After deciding what object we would create a presentation for, we shared contact details such as e-mail and wordpress blogs to view each others research.  We then planned to meet up next week to go through what way we would create our presentation.

As i have done plenty of different types of presentation, i personally tink we should do an AV presentation which would have a narration of the memories and feelings toward the object.  This would be very achievable to do by next friday and if scripted out and done correctly will be a nice starting point for which we will be able to progress with each presentation.

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