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Theme 1 – Power

From my summer research work this theme was most definately the theme that i struggled to develop ideas around.  I think my pitfall was over-analysing the theme and jumping into all the different elements of it instead of focusing on just one aspect at a time.

the perfect human

(Picture courtesy of http://lilokpelikula.wordpress.com/2009/09/14/the-perfect-human-j%C3%B8rgen-leth-1967/)

For our first task to get our minds and ideas rolling for this first theme we had to look at Lars Von Trier’s short film from 1967 called ‘The Perfect Human’.  This short was used as a catalyst with which Trier set his mentor/tutor Jorgen Leth the challenge of re-making his short but in 5 different ways/obstructions.

I watched Trier’s ‘The Perfect Human’ first and then watched Leth’s 5 obstructions in response to this first film.  To be honest i didn’t understand the point of any of these pieces-which i watched several times to try and perhaps catch something in the way of obstruction and understanding the pieces themselves.

(Picture courtesy of http://www.ambathen.um.dk/da/menu/Kultur/Arrangementer/Ambassadens+arrangementer/Kulturprogramforefter%C3%A5r2009.htm)

I liked how Leth used a more inventive and visually stimulating way of presenting the quite bland piece by Trier and giving it more depth in the way of location.  In the way of obstructions i could not honestly say that i could spot anything in the way of these.  I think the pieces were quite pretentious and whether i am being close-minded would perhaps be a part of this.

I know that we have been given these pieces to create a stimuli for which to develop our own ideas but i can’t say that Trier or Leth’s pieces have inspired me in any shape or form :/

In the upcoming sessions we have to produce pieces for the three themes starting off with ‘Power’.  We have been told that there is no limit as to what we can produce so we can even produce a photograph-but it would need to be properly produced and not just a random image. 

Hopefully the lecture this week will perhaps open my mind further as to what these short film pieces are actually about! and influence me with my first artefact.

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