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Autumn Term – 1st Tutorial

In this one-t0-one tutorial with my personal tutor we first talked about what i did over the summer.  I told my tutor about the summer research work that i undertook for the 360MC Research & Development module and showed him my AV presentation with my research and ideas for the three themes. My tutor said that i seemed to have more of an analysis technique towards the research and suggested that i took the Documentary module last year…i wish i did now!

He also suggested that to give the presentation more of a personal feel that i should narrate the presentation piece myself as this would perhaps interest the audience more if it was actually me being passionate instead of getting someone else to read out a script for the piece.  I have definately taken this on board and will attempt to re-record the narration for my summer research presentation.  He understood where i was coming from in regards to the confidence of doing this and he said that its no different than actually talking to people in person.  I do have the fear of actualy sitting in a room hearing my voice being played back to me as im not proud of the quite burmmie twang i have to my voice! haha!

My tutor next asked me about the final major project and if i had any ideas as to what i would want to produce for this and the end of year degree show with which it would be on show.

I told him about my four walls film idea which would be a location and scene within the film piece that would be spread onto four walls so it would feel like you are actually inside the location.  He said to me about the resources needed for the piece and that it was more of an art installation which the media department doesn’t carry the relevant numbers of resources for which this idea would be possible.  None the less he suggested about experimenting with the four wall idea by firstly trying it out on one wall with each film piece being next to each other in a square formation with which id be able to see whether it would generally go together.

He also reccommended to check out these film pieces which have the idea of image and projection:

  • ‘Letter To Jane’ (1972) – Directed by Jean-Luc Godard & Jean-Pierre Gorin.

(Image courtesy of :http://www.jonathanrosenbaum.com/?p=16764)

A documentary film that comprises of a single image of Jane Fonda in Vietnam and deconstructs the image.

  • ‘Blue’ (1993) – Derek Jarman

 A blue screen is the only visual within this film with a combination of narration, sound effects and music over the top that paints a portrait of Jarman’s experience of AIDS.  Featuring a cast of narrators including Tilda Swinton. The blue is used to explore the different meanings for the colour.

  • ‘Timecode’ (2000) – Mike Figgis

Utilising four cameras being filmed entirely in sequence and with no editing this film explores its characters using four shots which gives the viewer a full and all around view of what is going on within the story. 

I have managed to view both ‘Blue’ and ‘Timecode’ but have been unable to get access to watching ‘Letters To Jane’. 


Watching at least two of these recommended pieces has given me more fuel to which i can throw onto my already burning bundle of ideas with the four wall film installation. 

The inspiration from Mike Figgis’s ‘Timecode’ is to put together a coherant and interesting storyline with which would utilise the four shot/four wall idea into something that would actually make sense instead of just being fancy for the sake of it.  I did find the storyline for this film to be quite confusing at times but choosing what shot to watch really does keep you on your toes with regards to connecting what is happening within each frame but only really concentrating on one frame at any one time.  With my idea i am more looking into the idea of being within the scene and placing the viewer within the scene by projecting each angle of the location across four walls.

Derek Jarman’s ‘Blue’ was a very deep and meaningful film which kept me captivated even though the only visual is a blue screen which i thought was a very clever way of keeping the viewer/audience in the frame without having any other visuals to perhaps detract away from the deep subject matter which is being narrated.

 I do need to speak to Bex about whether it is actually possible to use four projectors and if so, then i shall try and hunt some projectors down to experiment with.

For my next tutorial on December 10th i need to speak to him regarding the content for my film such as the narrative (which im still mentally working on as i type this!)

Over and out…

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