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Introduction to module

Today we had an introduction to the 360MC Research & Development module which is solely based around developing ideas for our final major projects and researching into our ideas with which we can follow through to a final piece or develop something new entirely.

We were give the timetable of what work we would be carrying out each week within the module which included tasks to make artefacts for the 3 themes that we were given over the summer to start developing our ideas.  These themes were ‘Memory’, ‘Power’ and ‘Spectacle’. 

I am looking forward to getting immersed into researching and also developing any ideas i have over the course of this term and hopefully develop the idea to a point of actually being able to produce a professional and interesting piece of media production work.

In this catergory of the blog i shall be talking about the lectures and also the tasks which we are given to complete.

Keep posted!!


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