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UPDATE: I have now opted to create an AV presentation instead of presenting the piece in person.  This is due to my self-confidence and i feel that i wouldn’t be able to get all i want to say across in a confident manner.  I have used my sister, Claire as the narrator for the piece.  I feel the video piece gets across everything i want to present reagrding my ideas and research. 

It has run over the 5 minute mark which was stated in the brief but i have cut down as much of the content as i feel i could of.  I also feel it would be rushed only giving a minute and a half for each theme. Scans of my script and ammendments (quite hard to actually read when its 3 times smaller than it actually is!)


I have also used over 10 images which again is due to me feeling like i can only get my ideas and research across by using images (some courtesy of Google and photos that ive taken myself) and also video clips (courtesy of youtube).


I have posted my presentation below.  I shall update this post with the feedback that i receive 😀

For the presentation i am going to use the online presentation software called Prezi.  I have used this online software before for my Interactive Media module and found that it was a very easy and visually interesting way to present my final piece of work.

I was initially going to create an audio/visual video for the presentation as i hate doing presentations :/ … But i will take the plunge and present my ideas in front of my media production peeps.

For my presentation i shall be talking through my ideas and the research which i undertook over the summer.

This does look like a vast amount to talk about in 5 minutes but i shall try my best to only speak about the most relevant points regardng my research and ideas.

I shall draft out what i shall talk about whilst going through my prezi piece.  This should be alot more interesting as i shall be able to be able to improvise instead of keeping my eyes glued to my script.

I have created my Prezi piece with which i will be able to navigate through my ideas in relation to the themes and relevant research whilst talking through the piece.

I have used over 10 images which is the MAXIMUM! but i feel that i need all these to represent my ideas and research to a decree that i can get these across to the audience.

The link to my presentation:


I have put up screen shots of my Prezi presentation below:

On the surface i know it doesn’t look like a jam pakced presentation but that is where my confidence (?) and improvisation to talk through the ideas and research shall come through.  Wish me luck!!

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