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Now comes the hard part…putting together all the research i have undertaken and developing ideas (3 to be exact!) which need to conincide with the given themes of ‘Spectacle’, ‘Power’ and ‘Memory’.  In my mind i have been pondering what kind of pieces i could do for each theme but these were during awkward moments such as sleeping, at work or somewhere where i couldn’t have a chance to jot down what these actually were :/ I’m screwed!!

All that negativity over with….

I have recently been delving into my thoughtsicles (word courtesy of 30 rock!) to come up with ideas for the three themes which we were given.  These were ‘Power’, ‘Memory’ and ‘Spectacle’.  We were told not to think of these themes in a literal way but to be imaginative and think ‘outside the box’.  The first idea i have had was for the theme of ‘Spectacle’.

Idea – ‘Spectacle’ (3D music video)

When i initially thought of what this word represents i was thinking of something big and would comprise of jumping straight out at you.  And the immediate first thought i had was around music and thinking back to bands that i have seen live who have a spectacular stage show which immerses you within the show and the music itself.  With this in mind i have had the idea of creating a 3D music video.  This would be along the same vein of that of Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication’ and the way the video has elements of being out of this world and feeling like you can almost reach out and touch the visuals. The video is in the form of a video game which i don’t want to do with the music video but just the way the piece would jump out at you is really the feel that i would create for the video. 

The research that i have undertaken over the summer which has also influence me with this idea is for the fine art research and looking at Salvador Dali in particular.  His vision of creating pieces which on the surface would perhaps make no sense to the naked eye, can be unravelled just by looking at the piece more closely and analysing it through just by looking at it, rather than reading other peoples perceptions and and assumptions as to what the piece is trying to say to the viewer.  I feel that using his influence will help me come up with a creation with which can be seen in many different scopes and allow me to experiment fully with the content within the video.  And adding in the 3D element will add to this as well, as everything looks better when we can view it in 3D and the vast range of marketing towards 3D for TV shows such as Derren Brown and even HD 3D televisions, it really is the future of video.

I would use a local band called Pyrodual who i have worked with over the summer; taking photographs and filming the band in the studio.  I have never seen the medium of a music video being in 3D and feel that i can create something which would be much more than just a band playing and a sub story which would relate to the song but something that would represent the theme of spectacle in the way it would be represented in 3D.  Elements of Dali have been an influence for this idea with the way i would create something that wouldn’t be shown as just a standard music video but combine elements that would make you want to be able to touch the visual itself!


The cheaper and simpler alternative      …or…   The more expensive and complicated version!

From researching into how to create a 3D video i have learnt how simple it really is!  When i first thought of 3D i immediately thought of Avatar and the spectacle through which 3D adds to it…And you don’t need fancy expensive cameras either!  This is dependant on whether you want to make a super HD blockbuster film or just an experiemental video piece to have fun with.  You can use two regular digital cameras (that have video) or a couple of video cameras which you set up next to each other and record the subjects 1 metre away from the lens.  The science of how this works is the ‘depth of field’ with which creates the 3D effect.  The idea behind 3D is that our own left and right eye have different perspectives to what they see and the brain puts these together to calculate a distance with which creates 3D.  A good visual example of how this works in the cinema shows how using 3D glasses works…

The red and blue lenses filter the two projected images allowing only one image to enter each eye.

The video below is a good starting point to how to create and edit a 3D visual piece and is the source of what influenced me to try out an idea around ‘Spectacle’ using 3D.

Even the process of editing is simple which i never really thought would be :/ It’s all about synchronising your video tracks precisely and   Using Youtube as the viewing outlet for this idea would be the most accessible way for this video to be shown with the site having a 3D option which allows you to select a viewing medium to watch the video.  The only downfall being that you need actual 3D glasses and not just the sort that you can get from the cinema when watching Toy Story 3.


I would further develop upon the visual elements of the video such as the storyline (which would be fairly simple!) and what parts of the video i would make spectacular in 3D form and to a high professional standard.


Idea – ‘Memory’ (Photography & Narrative installation of Childhood)

For this next idea that has been influence from  the experimental installation artwork of Alejandro Cesarco’s ‘Present Memory’ exhibit and how the theme of memory was related to the artists own father and the connection he can feel with the subject.  The anticipated and constructed memory of Cesarco’s Father is the main focus of his exhibition and reallly did influence me to take a personal approach towards the theme of memory, perhaps not to myself directly but displaying the life of a willing subject who has childhood memories that they want to share with an audience.

For this idea i would base the theme of Memory around childhood and the ability or lack of being able to re-tell and repress a memory from childhood.  This would be in the form of a subject (young or old) narrating over a projection of their childhood in the form of photographs.  This would be projected in a room and have the narration in surround sound over the presentation of the photos from their childhood.  The photographs wouldn’t neccessarily represent what the narrator would be talking about such as what is happening within the photograph itself, but be an indication of the kind of time period with which the memory is being retold and remembered from.  Perhaps having the photographs which reflect an actual memory would be more effective, but this all depends on how many memories are reflected within a photograph.

I feel that a photograph can really tell something significant from a certain time or place and having a narrator as the subject, would almost be like an autobiographical piece of their memories, from which we can experience our own memories of our own childhood.  The amount of photographs which people have, whether in a dusty photo album or hidden away up in a dark attic, are always at some point or another looked at again and reminised over.  Photographs are a staple to memory and moments being captured by a click of a button, that are captured forever (unless you delete a photo by accident! – i am guilty of this!) I love the idea of being able to go back to a certain time and place and clearly remembering what was happening within the photo itself. 


Thinking about how i would present this piece harks back to my visit at the Tate Modern and the wide space which was used for single pieces, such as Francis Alys’s ‘Story of Deception’, and the projections of his video pieces being on display in seperate rooms.  I presume that this is to fully immerse the viewer into what the individual pieces are, instead of putting all the pieces in the same room which would detract from each other in terms of concentration and getting distracted immediately by another projection next to another piece.  From going to the Alys’s exhibition, it has really opened my eyes and mind to how visual pieces can be presented instead of just on a television screen.  Being in an open space can add more depth to the piece and the inclusion of surround sound also adds to this as well.  Space can really give a piece room to breathe and can immerse itself onto the viewer.

The piece wouldn’t just be a single piece focusing on one person but would be a different childhood memory from a variety of different people whether young or old, or a good or bad memory.  This would differ from each showing of the piece and wouldn’t just be one dimensional with happy memories of going on the beach when you were 5 years old or anything that would be solely based around being ‘happy’.  It would go deeper than that but only within the comfort of the actual subject and how much they would want to be presented to an audience.  The choice would be there for the subject how much they would want to lay out for the audience to hear, this wouldn’t be anything disturbing but sometimes people have memories which aren’t always as happy as perhaps we always assume they are, especially in childhood.


Now, on the surface this does sound relatively simple and perhaps not thinking ‘outside the box’ but i feel that memory is something with which we can have a powerful link with how we are in the here and now and how childhood can influence this.  I have many childhood memories and feel that we mostly  have strong memories from childhood and relaying these can take us back to that time when things were alot simpler!

This piece would carry the theme of ‘Memory’ and influence the audience to remember their own childhood, which we can sometimes put to the back of our minds and not really use this quite powerful tool within ourselves or not choosing to remember, which is a shame unto itself. 


Idea – ‘Power’ (Stop Motion piece or short film)

Out of the three themes this one is perhaps the hardest theme from which i haven’t had any immediate ideas that have came to mind.  From identifying what i consider to be ‘Power’, i see that this word can relate to pretty much anything that has a higher or lower level of control over something else.  Whether this be in a social or political or physical sense, it can also relate to something as simple as words, and the use of these that could ultimately turn a situation around entirely.  The word is used for many things (too many to list here!) and i think how there are so many definitions and aspects to the word, that i have had difficultly coming up with a rock solid idea for this theme.

A few 100 hundred hours later…

With this in mind and the research which i undertook, the film research that i did and in particular Gus Van Sant’s ‘Elephant’. The idea of an ordinary student taking control over a whole high school using a gun really was the most poignant piece of research i undertook and which relates to the theme of ‘Power’. With this in mind i have had the idea of doing a short stop motion piece which would revolve around the idea of something (not sure as to what exactly yet!) that takes control over something else.  Whether this would be in a mature sense is another thing entirely.  As silly as the idea sounds, i immediately think of doing something quite comical in the form of jelly babies (very strange i know!)

I feel that doing something quite tongue in cheek with this theme would be the most achieveable way to approach it.  I would use stop motion to depict a situation where (just plucking ideas from my head…) an army of jelly babies goes up against an army of jelly teddy bears to seize control of the jelly baby tin/palace.  This is sounding very weird now so….(awkwardly walks away!)

and skipping to a completely different and less bizarre tangent altogether…

I was initally thinking of creating a short film that would explore the aspect of religion and the power (or supposed moral power) against another religion.  I was thinking of doing something around scientology and the  unbelieveable power which they have over their followers.  This was influenced by the BBC Panorama documentary which explores the manmade religion (?) of Scientology and the power which it has over its followers.

 The very secretive nature of what actually happens behind the tightly closed doors of this really intrigues me as to the ways that it has a very powerful hold upon its followers and the consequences of leaving the religion.

This would be a fictious piece which would take alot of research and actually understanding the stand points of what it actually is (which might result in me becoming brainwashed!).  But just watching how the documentary explored it really got me into the theme of power and what something (even as fictious) as scientology can seize this over a mass following of normal people.

For this theme i have really struggled as to what solid idea i could do, which wouldnt be too complicated or go a million miles away from the actual theme.

On my next blog i shall plan out my presentation with regards to what i shall be talking about (which is relevant! and not babbling!) and the actual visuals i shall be talking over.

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