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Summer research to do…


Over the summer (if you can call it that!) we have been set to undertake research in preparation for the start of our 3rd and final year studying Media Production. 

1. Festival ResearchThe first piece of research we have been set is to go a festival (of any kind) and research how media practitioneers use these to showcase their pieces of work.  This first piece of research work coincides with me going to a festival next month called Bestival in the Isle Of Wight.  This festival will give me the opportunity to undertake this research and post my findings on a future blog.


2. Themed ResearchWe have been given three themes/words in which to explore the people, places and work that are connected with these themes and how they are worked through in the different types of media that we look at. These themes are also to create ideas around in any media form which we would possibly produce for a media piece.  These themes are:

  • Spectacle
  • Power
  • Memory

My first initial impressions & interpretations of these words didnt really spring any ideas into my mind straight away, but undertaking research (which i shall list as to what i shall be researching) will help get some soild ideas into my mind for these themes.

Points of research will include:

Tate Modern, London


I am looking forward to undertaking research at an art gallery as it has been quite a while since i last went to view work at a gallery or even the Tate.  I want to take a step away from the broadcast side of media production and explore the less studio based side of media work and gain a fresh perspective of the ways in which it can be shown.

EXPOSED – Voyeurism, Surveillance & the Camera

This recommended exhibition looks at surveillance and the idea that we are always being watched with the increase of CCTV, camera phones and ways of accessing images whether through Youtube or just a Google search- We can access pretty much view any image we can possibly think of, there is no limit to what we can view.

The Exposed exhibition consists of photographs that have been taken of subjects without permission and the exposure of celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Marilyn Monroe and Richard Branson being viewed in a defenseless manner in which they do not know that they are being captured on camera.  This reveals a different view of familar faces as taken by the ‘unseen photographer’ and brings to light subjects such as privacy and freedom of the media.


Experimental Artwork (installations, performance or mixed media)

(note: also at the Tate Modern, London…)

Alejandro Cesarco.  Present Memory

I shall be looking at this exhibition as it is a form of experimental artwork in which gives a vivid visual picture instead of just paint on a canvas and works to the brief of research which wants us to go and access a gallery that has innovative, experimental artwork with installations, performance or mixed media.  This exhibition also relates to the theme of memory and how this is shown visually.

This exhibition is formed of mixed media with the artist having originally filming his father in his medical practise (his father was diagnosed with cancer and also a doctor) with a 16mm camera and later projecting the video onto the same room in which he filmed his father and recording the film screening with a video camera. Being described as a ‘projection of a projection’, the viewer is given a sense of deja vu whenever they encounter the visual piece with the repetition creating a ‘visual echo’ in which we explore the both constructed and anticipated memory of the artists father.


Francis Alys.  A Story of Deception

I want to look at this exhibition as it follows on from the experimental/mixed media forms of artwork but also relates to the theme of spectacle and power.  The forms of media within this exhibiton includes proejction and film with the artist also putting his art across postcards, drawings and also painting.

The exhibition looks at actions such as a man pushing a big block of ice through the streets of Mexico City until it completely melts into nothing.  Another piece shows 500 volunteers walking over a big sand dune in Peru where they dig with spades and move the dune a few centimetres as they go.  The spectacle and power of just these two pieces of Alys’s work intrigues me as to how this is captured in a media form, whether through video or photography. 


I want to research and explore independant film (‘indie’ – for short) and also foreign film,  as these are a type of film which i have never previously researched into.  With my main interests for film being the latest cinema blockbusters such as Christopher Nolan’s ‘Inception’ as well as the typical well-known films, i want to look at other types of film in which i can gain a fresh view and to influence me creatively.

For this i shall look at ‘indie’ films such as Gus Van Sant’s ‘Elephant’ and also foreign film such as Michel Gondry’s ‘The Science of Sleep.’ 



Fine Art

The last focal point of research i shall be undertaking is looking at a fine art exhibition and following through the thought process of the artist.


For this i have decided to research into Salvador Dali (whom a few of his pieces were on display at the Tate), and i want to look into how he created such spectacular and bizarre (it has to be said!) surrealist pieces of work.


I also want to look at Edward Hopper and how his vision of America translated onto canvas.

Overall i feel that undertaking these aspects of research for both art and film will give me a fresh perspective into creating some ideas which i could potentially take into production.

Keep posted on my blog!


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